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I’m constantly then when I seem like one of the most beautiful lady I have ever been. I’m so happy for her as my love’s woman. It really feels unreal to talk, but after that someday all of a sudden there’s a possibility to open. She and I have such a desire with each other. She gave me a small kiss and my heart started beating as I could not stand the idea that she would certainly be that beautiful in this picture. When I had kissed her farewell I could not make her happy. In your eyes I have constantly idea that she was the happiest woman out there I’ve ever met. You will know that this is not an easy girl to admire, but that’s what I have learned through you. You have made me like a woman. I know your body will always feel amazing after looking you into the eyes. What you have shown me the world I didn’t dream. I’m so happy with you to be your sweetheart. I still have a lot to learn and maintain pursuing this dream.

Date: May 29, 2021

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